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for monday, election day, maybe a little rain at the seven-day outlook. >> terry: this morning, police are investigating a drive-by shooting that wounded four people. those victims were taken to stanford hospital where abc7 reporter is more on that. >> reporter: four victims remain in the hospital this morning as you mentioned. one man in critical condition, one in serious condition and two are reportedly in good condition. we have video from the scene just after 8:00 last night near ivy drive. video from the scene of the drive-by shows the aftermath, shell casings and residential street blocked off after four men were hit by bullets. the commander tells "abc 7 news" there is no known motive for the shooting. >> we do have shootings here and we do have gang activity and gang activity but we don't know if it is connected. >> the victims were having a get together in front of the house when the shooting occurred. >> reporter: police have not released a description of the shooters but they are looking for a black honda and black acura seen driving away from the shooting. anyone with infor
president obama and mitt romney say they are confident they will win the november election with different >> terry: major milestone for bart in the southbound expansion to san jose. project has created thousands of construction jobs, when completed it may help support 20,000 high-tech jobs. it's new tunnel that will whisk passengers under fremont's lake elizabeth. it's the centerpiece of central park and bart tunneled under it. more from david louie. >> three years of digging under the park is over and bart invited the public in. it's a crucial link for bart trains to reach a fremont station and san jose. >> we are half mile south of existing station. new warm springs station is five miles down the way. they were among the first take the tour. >> the depth, how far you had to go down, that amazed me. >> they are thrilled the project came in under project. it was budgeted for $249 million but the bid came in at $137 million, a savings of $112 million a result of downturn in construction work. the mayor says the tunnel came about after the city went to court plans to build elevated tracks.
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2